Traditional healing done the right way.

Kara Lough has been practicing traditional healing techniques for over 15 years. She holds certifications as a professional yoga instructor and has been practicing reiki since 2009.

15+ years

Practicing natural healing techniques

Kara has practiced extensively since 2007 and has studied for far longer.


Yoga classes taught

Kara has taught classes every week for over a decade.


Teachers trained

Kara has been instructing and educating yoga teachers since 2015.

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Group Yoga.
Practicing outside all summer long. Anyone, regardless of skill level, is welcome to join.
Private Yoga.
Book a private yoga session with me for personalized guidance. Hone in on specific areas of your practice.
Online Classes.
Weekly sessions are uploaded to YouTube free of charge. Join the Mastery Program for access to the entire library.
Hands On Healing.
The traditional practice of Reiki brought to you. Sound healing, crystal healing, and aromatherapy included.
Join me for my Aroma Masterclass held weekly. Dive into our courses for the full experience.
Connect on a personal level. I will guide you through your journey with yoga, spirituality, and natural healing.


Hear what my students have to say.

“Kara is simply magical, and she shares her magic with us — through her stories, music, natural oils, and movements. I started yoga pretty late in my life after retiring, and Kara became my yoga Goddess. Not only do I feel better spiritually and physically, thanks to her classes, but I also follow her guidance: Slow down, look around, and you see magic in trees, streams, clouds, sun, and in anything else. What a wonderful teacher she is! Thank you Kara.”

Olga Medvedkov

“I love how inspiring Kara is! She really knows how to hit those feels and help you completely dissolve into your practice. I only hope I am as good of a yoga teacher as she is!”

Chasity Putman

“These classes became essential for me. They have met my needs physically, socially and spiritually. Practicing with Kara brought great balance and a sense of calm to my life.”

Ann Spence

“I've known and taken classes from Kara for over a decade. Yoga started as a way to make my runner body more flexible. It was a rush in and out practice to “get it done”. It’s not just the way kara teaches, it’s who she is as a person that draws you into her way. When I broke my ankle she made yoga accessible to me, and now in our privates we have a synergy that can’t be explained. I leave Kara feeling healed, mind, body and spirit. And our connection and friendship has been the bonus.”

Jennifer Haywood

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